How To Make Him Cum Faster?

Tonight is not exactly your night and you would much rather sleep than jump on top of him till you are too tired to move. Check how you can make him cum faster and thus get your well-earned sleep.

Make him cum faster and get your well-earned sleep. (PhotoXpress)
There are days when women are not in the mood and have no desire for cuddling, touching and making love to their partner. But what to do when your partner is horny as hell and insists on shagging you despite you telling him how very tired you are and how sleepy you are becoming? There are a number of solutions how to make him cum faster. Continue reading and find out what advice Paul Joannides has to give in his book The guide to getting it on:

How to make him cum faster #1: Stretch the skin

If you stretch the skin at the root of his penis, he will feel stimulation more intensively and as a result it will make him cum faster (if he does not postpone his ejaculation, of course, and thus extend the pleasure and with it the duration of you pleasing him).

How to make him cum faster #2: Tease his frenulum

The frenulum is the most sensitive part of the male sexual organ. It is the part of the penis situated directly under the head of the penis and looks like a connection point or a stitch. By stimulating it you will accelerate ejaculation, especially if you use a lubricant to moisten the dry area a bit. If you are giving pleasure with your mouth, tease the frenulum with the tip of your tongue, and if you are using your hands, slide across the area applying a lot of pressure with your fingers. Be careful not to apply too much pressure because mangling the extremity by using too much force and speed can cause the numbness of the penis. This may eventually prevent you from making him cum faster and thus reaching the world of dreams for quite some time.

How to make him cum faster #3: Squeeze and turn

When engaging in “jerking off” do not forget to oil your hands and hold the penis with your entire palm and twist the dick spirally up and down. It should feel as though you were holding an ice-cream cone which has the intertwining red and green strap going round it and you were following only one colour. You can try the same with your mouth during oral sex, but do not overdo the twisting or you will dislocate your neck. Also use your other hand, which should be focused on the stimulation of his crotch.

How to make him cum faster #4: Play with yourself

Nothing is more exciting than a woman fondling her breasts or pubic area. Some men may get so turned on by this that they begin masturbating themselves. If you are so tired that you do not feel like going down on his crotch and orally satisfying him, this will be a great trick, which will quickly bring you the sleep you desire because he will make himself cum faster than you ever could.

How to make him cum faster #5: Pleasure buttons

Some men have at the bottom of their penis just under their pouch (but it can be found as far back as the edge of the anus) a hidden button which, when we apply pressure to, magnifies the intensity of the sensation a great deal. If you are well familiar with your partner’s anatomy and thus know when the best time to press this button would be, you can accelerate the launch of his rocket andmake him cum faster than by just using normal stimulation. Those of you most skilled at giving blow jobs can provide oral treatment for his dick while at the same time stimulating his pleasure buttons.

How to make him cum faster #6: Finger on/in the ass

Although men may seem very much averse to this, they usually like it a lot. A wet finger on or even in his anal opening can excite someone so much that it will make him cum faster than ever.

You might want to warn your partner before attempting #6 though.

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